Prayer Ropes
One of the most important think in the life of a human is the focus. The focus to one point/problem/goal is give us power to archive that, to make it, to follow it, show us the road to this goal. And the goals on humans are very important.

With out goals we are nothing special. The word “αμαρτία” that is the sin in English, is exactly means the archer that is not hit the target. So for us to not been sin, we must first set out goals, and then see how to focus on that goals and achieve them.

In Greek word when we say “Have Fun”, (“Διασκεδάζω”) we mean the totally opposite of focus, “Διασκεδάζω” is similar to “Διασκορπίζομαι” that means break in many pieces. In English we use the word “Fun” that come from “Αριστοφάνης” the famous ancient Greece comedy poetry.

So from “Αριστοφάνης” come the “-φάνης” that pronounce to Funny, and Fun. And what we do when we having fun? we forget our real goals, we look away from our real life, for couple of hours or for couple of years…

Also not only in Christianity the focus to our goals is important, we see the same think in many other fields, like for example in other culture or even in martial arts. We have see the meditation that many other groups do, try to focus to one point.

Sain Vasilis with prayer rope in cage

The prayer ropes can be a tool to help at this point. Can help you to focus to the Jesus Prayer, can help you to focus to the daily problems and search for solutions, can help you to relax your mine from the thousands thoughts, can help you getting new ideas after you clear your mine, and in the end is one of the most important tool of the monks.

Keep it in your hand, and start passing from knob to knob saying the Jesus Prayer or what ever your religion says. In the beginning of the continuing prayer, the mind starting put aside the problems and thoughts that not let you down. After many years of practice this can be an automatic way to focus right way to your thoughts that you have to solve, and also can help you unite your body with your soul.

And this is one of the final goals, to make your soul pray (with out speak inside your mine the prayer), your body relax but full of power, and together, body and soul focus to one point, to your center.

The walk to a nice and peacefully environment while we focus to our center using the prayer rope can also help a lot.
I have seen even in movies to do, or speak about this kind of meditation.

Jet-Li use prayer rope for focus and concentrate in many of his movies.
I have also notes Shaolin monks to use prayer ropes for the same purpose.

Jet Lin Shaolin

I have see monks walk and using the prayer ropes, prays and relax.

I suggest even to the people of the cities, to make at least 30 minute walk around his office every morning before start the work, and at the end of the work, another 30 or more minute walk, to forget everything that’s happens on work and clear their mine.

I say 30 minute, but actually is need at least 1 hour to forget the daily problems.

Prayer ropes come in many different styles, and with different names, like (“Κομπολοι”) Komboloi, Chotki, (“Κομποσκίνι”) Komboskini. Find prayer ropes from Mount Athos Monasteries.

Prayer Ropes


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